What are the Techniques to Keep You Stress-Free? How Ayurveda Can Help Manage Stress

What are the Techniques to Keep You Stress-Free? How Ayurveda Can Help Manage Stress

What are the Techniques to Keep You Stress-Free? How Ayurveda Can Help Manage Stress

  • August 12, 2023


Ayurveda helps to reduce stress using many techniques. Ayurvedic doctor in Punjab say if you change your lifestyle and diet it helps to decrease your stress level and also improve your immunity, then you can work fully focused. 

Things to make you stress-free 

Start your day stress-free

When you start your day with a good vibe. It helps to calm your mind and reduce stress levels. Ayurveda according to the morning routine, such as 

  • Wake up early morning 
  • Wash your face and also wash your eyes 
  • Brush your teeth and clean your mouth after drinking one glass of water 
  • Massage your body. It helps to reduce your stress before bathing 
  • Do some exercise. It helps to relax your mind 
  • Have healthy food at breakfast time 

Express your feeling 

If you don’t openly communicate with others, it increases stress. When you talk openly with others, you feel happy. You can express your feelings by speaking and writing your thoughts, this helps you feel stress-free and more confident.

Eat rich food make you stress-free 

Healthy foods help improve immunity and balance your mind, body, and spirit. When you eat correctly, then you feel healthy and stress-free. 

Listen to music 

Listening to smooth music helps to reduce stress and also calm the mind. Listening to good music relaxes your nervous system, mind, and emotions.

Drink herbal tea 

Drink herbal tea when you feel tired and stressed. It helps to reduce the level of stress. Often people suffer stress when they consume more coffee. You can change your coffee habit by drinking herbal tea. It helps to calm your mind.

Proper sleep 

when you don’t sleep timely, you feel frustrated and irritated. Get proper sleep for a stress free life.

Make a daily routine list

Making your daily routine according to your plan helps to reduce your stress burden. Your stress level decreases when you do your work according to your schedule.


There are methods to practice meditation. You can choose according to your mood. Meditation helps to reduce your level of stress. Using meditation techniques, you can feel at ease. Mediation positively impacts the body when you meditate according to your choice.  


Aromatherapy helps to remove your stress and also calm your mind. You can use incense sticks, aroma lockets and add five to six drops of bathwater. Aromatherapy helps to calm the mind with good aromatics. 

Massage therapy 

Massage therapy helps to reduce stress levels and calm your mind. You can massage your head and body parts with coconut or other oil. It helps to increase blood circulation and decrease the level of stress. 

If you are suffering from stress, make informed lifestyle choices. It helps to reduce your stress and you also consult a Psychiatrist about your issue and get suggestions.

A psychiatrist is a doctor who treats those patients who suffer from emotional and mental conditions. They provide proper treatment and medication. People consult with psychiatrist when they feel more

depressed and have severe mental illnesses such as panic attacks, thoughts of suicide, and hearing voice hallucinations. If you feel depressed, you can go to a Psychiatrist.

Counseling centers provide a platform, where they organize various kinds of programs. The main motive for scheduling a program is to educate and motivate people about problems.