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Gynecology is the science of women that is the medical field that focuses on the benefit of the female reproductive system. Ayurvedic masters while dividing it into 8 parts and with that Paediatrics and Gynaecology is the special brand of it. Consulting the doctor for the Gynaecology Ayurvedic Treatment in Ludhiana helps to focus on the root cause of the problem. With the Ayurvedic approach, the focus is out on benefiting the female health issue by making changes in lifestyle and diet. Gynaecology Ayurvedic Doctors in Ludhiana address the following issues with Ayurvedic treatment:

Gynaecological Disorders

In the last few years, the issue of gynaecological health issues has increased a lot all over the world. The gynaecological issues have shifted its focus to find the most effective and safe treatment approach to deal with female diseases.
With the ancient Ayurvedic branch, women’s health is given the utmost importance. The women’s life is grouped into 3 stages:

  • Young Stage & before menarche
  • The childbearing age
  • The stage which begins with the ending of menstruation

It is essential to discuss all the problems occurring with these stages and getting the best remedy. The person can opt for medicinal treatment and follow a preventive care routine to improve their health.


Fibroids are common in women, and it affects around 30% of women in the child-bearing years. The fibroid is considered as the common benign uterus tumor. They can grow individually or in clusters, and their size can be one inch to 10 inches within the uterus wall or it is attached to the uterus lining. The reason behind fibroids is not clear. However, it is seen that obese and overweight women are at increased risk of getting this issue.
Also, they do not turn into cancer but it is important to understand the complications included with it and monitor the fetus’s development. According to the symptoms, the doctor will give you the treatment.

Polycystic Ovary Disease

One of the leading women’s health issues is PCOS which occurs due to hormonal imbalance. The problem can affect the woman’s menstrual cycle, and her chances to get pregnant naturally are declined.
According to Ayurveda, to manage the patient’s condition it is important to focus on diet & lifestyle. Your diet should be filled with essential nutrients and natural fiber & limit the consumption of salt, sugar, and excessive fat. Also, you should do exercise regularly and do yoga sessions.


Infertility is known as Bandhyatva in Ayurveda. It is a condition when the person’s biological inability is impacted greatly which affects the chances to conceive or carry a full-term pregnancy. Infertility is the major issue, and therefore it becomes important to get the treatment on time.
Ayurveda follows a multi-pronged approach to correct the lifestyle and dietary issues in the patients, correcting the ovulation issue, treating the blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, and correcting the uterine environment.


Menopause is the natural occurrence which is the end of childbearing age. Women go through this phase in their late 40s, and with this stage the menstrual cycle becomes irregular. In many cases, the woman can adapt to the psychological changes in menopause. However, in some cases, the women can have symptoms like joint pains, increase or decrease in sex drive, putting on excess weight, and many other issues. The treatment plan will be given individually depending on the symptoms the patient is having.

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