Low Backache

Ayurvedic Treatment for Lower Back Pain in Ludhiana, Punjab, Ayurvedic Medicine for Chronic Back Pain

How Ayurvedic treatment can work effectively for your lower back pain?

Lower Chronic Back Pain

Back and spine pain is linked to different health issues and its occurrence is becoming common with time. There are different reasons for back pain like a sedentary lifestyle, doing an excessive workout, wrong sitting posture, standing for a long time, or weight gain.

Fortunately, Ayurvedic Treatment for Lower Back Pain in Ludhiana, Punjab at Dr Vatsyayan’s Sanjivani Ayurvedshala focuses on benefiting the patient’s health by determining the root cause. Our doctor prescribes Ayurvedic Medicine for Chronic Back Pain by understanding the patient’s condition and what can work well for them. You can rest assured while getting the treatment as there is no side-effect.

What Are The Causes of Back Pain?

Back and spine issue is linked to many issues and some of the common causes are mentioned-below:

  • Muscle spasm
  • Osteoporosis
  • Strain
  • Slipped disc
  • Sprain
  • Sacro-illitis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Lumbar spondylosis
  • Facet Arthropathy
  • Trauma

Are There Rare Causes of Back Pain?

  • Congenital spinal canal stenosis
  • Spina bifida (Abnormal spine development)
  • Tuberculosis (of the spine)
  • Spine tumor

Treatment Approach for Back Pain

Ayurvedic treatment for back pain is dependent on the reason behind it and the current reason behind back pain. It is also checked whether the conservative treatment like pain killer, or proper rest helped to solve the problem. If the patient has persistent pain it is caused by disc prolapse and lumbar spine arthritis. There can be other complications like radiculopathy or sciatica

Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain

Ayurvedic treatment has a tangible approach to back pain. The detoxification therapy (panchakarma) is suggested by the Ayurvedic doctor which focuses on the following things:

  • Vasthi (Enema) combined with additional therapy like Podikizhi (Choorna pinda Sweda)
  • Abhyanga (medicated oil massage)
  • Elakkizhi (Patrapotala Sweda)

Along with that herbal medicine is effective which offers various benefits to all the patients. With the treatment, the symptoms are addressed and the pain can live his or her life without pain. The treatment helps in preventing cartilage, nerves, and bone degeneration which helps to prevent it from occurring in the future.

Ayurvedic Treatment at Dr Vatsyayan’s Sanjivani Ayurvedshala

Our experienced and skilled team of Ayurvedic practitioners will offer effective back pain treatment. The excellent results of the treatment are proof that patients suffering from Sciatica, bulging disc, slipped disc, or herniated disc can live a better life.
We offer the best Ayurvedic treatment approach for patients having back pain issues for a long time. Around 99% of the patients can get relief from the recommended treatment plan. The patients who have been recommended surgery have also been benefited from the Ayurvedic treatment. To get natural healing and treatment, our compassionate team is there to help you with chronic back pain problems.

Why is Dr Vatsyayan’s Sanjivani Ayurvedshala The Best for Ayurvedic Treatment?

  • An effective treatment that avoids the need for surgery.
  • Providing best healing methods for many years
  • Safety over anything.
  • Increased success treatment results.
  • Regain your self-confidence to live a better life.
  • Modern diagnosis for providing Ayurvedic treatment.
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