What approach does an Ayurvedic practitioner follow for Gastroenteritis?

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What approach does an Ayurvedic practitioner follow for Gastroenteritis?

  • February 3, 2021


If you have suffered from stomach flu, then you know how problematic it can be. The constant vomiting along with your effect on your daily regime is enough to make you get the treatment without any delay. Consulting the Ayurvedic doctor in Punjab will help you get an understanding of the natural herbs which can be used for recovery.

 What approach does Ayurveda follow?

Ayurveda medicine has been in existence for more than 300 years, still is there and its demand has escalated due to its effectiveness. Through this approach, the person’s body, mind, and spirit are maintained. The body balance can get impacted when the doshas suffer from an imbalance. Your age, genetic factor, and life changes can result in issues. When the symptoms are being treated, the body balance will come in the right place. Getting a proper diagnosis through the Ayurvedic doctor will help you get a strategic treatment plan.

 Gastroenteritis Treatment

Let’s dive into some of the treatment options through which you can be benefited or the natural approach the Ayurveda follows:


Panchakarma is a perfect way to treat and stop the disease progression. With this treatment, 5 actions are included:

  • Virechanam
  • Vamanam
  • Anuvaasan
  • Aasthaapana
  • Nasyam

Each of them is beneficial for the body as they purify the toxins and treat your problem. Not just for gastroenteritis but it is beneficial to address various health issues.


Patient with gastroenteritis wants to remove as many toxins they can from the body. For that, you can benefit from Vasti. When this treatment is performed, you will be given the necessary medication through the vaginal canal or anus. Through this approach, the harmful toxins will be taken away from the body which can make you sick.

It is important that when you get this treatment approach, always look for a trained Ayurvedic practitioner.


  • Bilva

Bilva is the perfect option for the intestinal tract to get detoxified. Make sure that you take it as suggested by the doctor.

  • Guduchi

Its consumption is beneficial to treat different diseases like diabetes to anti-inflammatory conditions.

  • Coriander

Coriander or cilantro, which is used to enhance the dish’s flavor. Well! Not only that but it also contains magical healing properties. If you have an upset stomach then its consumption can be of great use.


If you love ginger tea, then you should give it a try for gastroenteritis problems. It is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties which are perfect to deal with stomach cramps and vomiting.

*It is important to understand that if you try any natural herb, then make sure to consult the doctor about the same. They will suggest the right amount which you need to consume daily.