How to improve your eye health through Ayurvedic treatment

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How to improve your eye health through Ayurvedic treatment

  • August 21, 2023


Good eye sight helps improve your quality of life, such as driving and reading skills and understanding things clearly. Exercise, proper diet, and washing your eyes daily help to keep your vision healthy.  

Causes of poor eyesight 

Using unprotected screen  

When you do not wear protected glass on the screen, it is terrible for your eyes.  

Poor nutrition 

Many people suffer from blurry vision because they do not get proper nutrition in food. You eat food that has adequate nutrition and vitamins. It helps to improve your eye health.  


When your eyes connect to dust particles and other pollutants, they create many allergies and infections.


When your body’s growing stage, your eyes lack strength. Then you suffer from a blurry version. Some vision problems from genetics, such as 


You can’t see any object far away. Another word means you suffer from short eyesight. There are some symptoms such as headaches, do not clear vision, continually eye blinking 


When you lose your vision properly, that is called glaucoma. 

Dry eye 

If you work continuously on the screen, then you have dry eyes.  


Growing old, your eye lens gets blurry, vision then the doctor recommends changing your lens. You suffer for some reason, such as color fading, you can’t see correctly at night, blurry vision, etc. If you can’t see correctly, you can consider Cataract surgery.

Treatment for eyes by Ayurveda 

If you want your eye health to improve and your eyesight, follow those ayurvedic treatments in daily life.  

Wash your eyes daily

When you wake up on your bed, wash your eyes with cold water. Water helps to remove all bacteria in your eyes. This process helps to improve your eye health.

Trataka practice

Trataka practices it like an eye exercise, such as if you have a ghee lamp, then take it in a dark room and sit on the floor after focusing on the light. It helps to improve your eyesight. 


Ayurvedic herbs help to improve your eye health and strength. You can take it regularly, such as amala, Triphala, punarnava., etc. It helps to nourish your eyes.  

Ayurvedic tips for eyes health 

When you have poor eyesight, ayurvedic ways help improve your vision. Because ayurvedic doctors first focus on causes after giving a treatment. Ayurvedic treatments do not work instantly, but it helps to make your eyes healthy. There are some Ayurvedic tips, such as

  • Ayurvedic doctors say you wash your eyes with cold water while holding water in your mouth when you wake. It helps to remove all bacteria in your eye. 
  • Ayurvedic herbs help to improve your eye vision. You can take it regularly. 
  • Ghee is the best option for eyes. When you have dry eyes, then put it on your eyes. It helps to hydrate your eyes. 
  • Eye exercises such as palming, rotation, and blinking help to relax your eye. 
  • Trataka practices regularly increase blood circulation and eye strength. This practice is a powerful method of Ayurvedic treatment. 

Some exercise of eyes

  • Shirshasana
  • Sarvangasana 
  • Halasana 
  • Chakrasana 


Eye exercises help to improve your eyesight and health. You can do the following exercises. It helps to improve your eye health. First, sit on the floor, hold your thumb from your face too far, and focus on your thumb for 15 seconds. After you finish, you roughly see anything 20 feet away. Return your focus to your thumb. You can repeat it five times regularly, and you do it anytime. 

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