How Ayurvedic treatment is beneficial to your overall health
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How Ayurvedic treatment is beneficial to your overall health

  • December 31, 2020


Ayurvedic treatment to prevent health issues

Ayurveda follows a holistic approach which is great to promote a better life. According to Ayurveda, health is divided into four parts:

  • Unfavourable living (Ahitayu)
  • Good living (Hitayu)
  • Miserable living (Dukhayu)
  • Happy living (Sukhayu)

The main focus of ayurvedic doctor in Ludhiana is to promote better health and cure the disease of the root. With this approach, your body health is improved as the Ayurveda treats the body as a whole.

For a disease-free and happy life, Ayurveda is the best

The patient is treated with the best medications and the complications are reduced. If the body’s normal functioning is affected, then your overall well-being is impacted. For your overall health, the external environment and internal environment should have the right balance.


What are the stages of the disease?

Stage 1 to Stage 6 are mentioned below:

  • Accumulation of doshas
  • Aggravation of doshas
  • Dissemination of doshas
  • Localization of doshas
  • Manifestation of doshas
  • Disruption of doshas


How early detection is helpful?

When the problem is detected early, it is easier to preserve the condition and the imbalance is corrected.

For instance: if the person’s health issue is detected at the accumulation and aggravation of doshas then dietary changes or necessary changes to daily life are suggested. This way the problem is prevented at an early stage.

If the problem is found in Stage 3 & 4, then the patient is suggested to follow the cleansing method & herbal therapy. With this approach, various complications or risk factors are used.

The patient at Stage 5 or 6, needs multi-modality treatment. It includes mental, physical, and environmental changes. The doshas are relaxed with sound therapy, Vedic mantras, and environmental therapy.


How Ayurveda plays an important role?

The main role of Ayurveda is to make your overall well-being improve and Ayurveda will offer you the best treatment. To achieve this, Ayurveda needs to be incorporated into life in the following ways:

  • Follow right living
  • Live according to one’s characteristics
  • Protect health in the day
  • Protect health in the night


What is the method of Ayurvedic treatment?

Ayurveda is different from other treatment options as your Ayurvedic clinic expert will diagnose the problem from the root cause and suggest the necessary guidelines.

First of all, it is important to determine the nature (Prakriti), before diagnosis. To do it correctly, the following is checked which includes:

  • Walking and talking behavior of the patient
  • Color and shape of the eyes
  • Body build
  • Skin quality
  • Complexion
  • Structure of nails
  • Type of dreams
  • Weather preferences
  • The prominence of veins and tendons

Pulse Diagnosis (Nadi Vigyan)

It is one of the diagnostic techniques. During this, the doshas are checked by placing the fingers on the radial pulse and it becomes easier to understand the dhatu and srotas. Ayurvedic medicines contain natural herbs and some of them are loaded with mineral preparations. With each herb, the pitta, Kapha, and Vata doshas are balanced to a great extent & each of them comes with different combinations.