Follow the ayurvedic treatment plan to boost the heart health

Ayurvedic Way To Take Care Of Your Heart
Heart Treatment

Follow the ayurvedic treatment plan to boost the heart health

  • September 20, 2022


Do your part, and take care of your heart!

The impact of COVID-19 is so hard that it led to increased stress and anxiety levels among everyone. Moreover, it has been evident that more and more individuals are experiencing higher stress levels, which is why the increased risk of heart disease and conditions increases. On the brighter side, everyone is shifting toward the natural approach to heart care by consulting an expert Ayurvedic Doctor in Ludhiana. Not just COVID alone but there are other factors like drinking, smoking, physical inactivity, and an unhealthy diet are the reasons that make the condition severe. Make sure to get yourself the best care through the Ayurvedic approach.

 What are the warning signs and symptoms of heart problems?

Some of the common symptoms that point toward undergoing Ayurvedic Cardiovascular Treatment in Punjab at the earliest are:

  • Chest pain
  • Weakness
  • Excessive sweating
  • Breath shortness
  • Fatigue

Get immediate medical attention to dwell on healthy heart habits.

 How to detect cardiovascular disease early?

Early detection and proper screening are essential to prevent the risk of heart disease. Moreover, age, gender, family history, and much more create huge risks. For the heart-health screening, it’s essential to check the following:

  • Blood pressure
  • Weight or body mass index (BMI)
  • Physical activity
  • Blood glucose test
  • Proper diet plan
  • Tobacco use

If there’s any problem or the situation is getting worse with time, then you need to begin the journey of your Ayurvedic Treatment in Punjab.

 Ayurvedic way to take care of the heart health

Be healthy, live strong, and boost your heart health. The focus of Ayurveda is to address the problem through the root cause. So, when you begin your treatment journey, the Ayurvedic doctor focuses on the same. Some of the ways to plan for your Ayurvedic treatment plan are:

  • Get the doshas balanced

Excess Kapha can increase the cholesterol level in the body and increase the chance of heart blockage. With time, the blood pressure and heart rate increase which triggers a burning sensation. So, with Ayurveda, all the doshas are balanced in the body.

  • Rejuvenate brain

With Ayurvedic treatment, the body gets the rasayanas that help the brain handle stressful situations easily.

  • Get Agni and ama managed

The management of Agni and ama are essential. With better digestion and elimination of the toxins, heart health benefits. The focus of Ayurveda is to maintain strong agni that leads to ojas production. So, to have strong immunity, Ayurveda provides everything.

  • Provide emotional strength

With Ayurveda, the body cannot just transform itself physically but gives that emotional balance. The Ayurvedic approach and its effectiveness are vital factors for treatment success.

 Home remedies suggested by the Ayurvedic doctor

Some of the Ayurvedic remedies that the Ayurvedic doctor suggests to boost heart health are:

  • Garlic
  • Arjun kin chaal (White marudah)

 Live a healthy lifestyle for a healthy heart

The risk of cardiovascular heart disease can be reduced when you follow all the necessary suggestions of the Ayurvedic doctor.