Which are the most effective Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones?

Ayurvedic Treatment For Kidney Stone
kidney stones

Which are the most effective Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones?

  • August 4, 2022


Kidney stone: Most common condition

The kidney stone problem is increasing at a fast pace. The kidney is an essential part of the body and performs tasks for removing toxins from the body through urine. But, that is also true that kidney stone problems make it extremely difficult for overall health. It’s about being careful and getting on-time assistance from the Ayurvedic Doctor in Ludhiana. Make sure you do not leave the situation unnoticed and get medical assistance when everything gets out of control.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stone

The expertise of the Ayurvedic doctor offers the safest, most personalized, and most effective option in terms of Kidney Stone Treatment in Ludhiana. Given below are some of the most common Ayurvedic medications for kidney stone problems:

  • Rencure formula

Consumed it daily with water after a meal.

  • Varunadi Vati

Consumed it three times a day after meals with water.

  • Punarnava mandur

Take it three times a day after a meal with water.

  • Daruhaldar Ghan

You need to take one pill three times a day. The said amount is for the adults.

As there are several medications available, you should consult an Ayurvedic doctor. Do not try to self-medicate as it will do harm instead of benefit.

Please Note!

Any medications mentioned above should be taken under the doctor’s assistance. You must be careful if you are planning to get  Gallbladder Stone Ayurvedic Treatment in Ludhiana. The Ayurvedic doctor will check your condition and guide you toward the most appropriate treatment plan.


Natural remedies for Kidney stone

Ayurveda focuses on treatment options that are safe, non-toxic, and targets the root cause of the problem. Incorporating the given below can make a lot of difference to the entire state. Although, in some cases, a combination of several remedies might be required to see the difference.

Remedy 1: Coconut water

Coconut water is a healthy drink for overall well-being. It’s known to easily help dissolve kidney stones and helps to easily break & flush out the kidney stone through urine. Coconut water is effective in helping get relief from the burning sensation.

Remedy 2: Lady’s finger

Lady finger is filled with magnesium and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it even helps to prevent chemical crystallization. So, it’s an effective Ayurvedic remedy that works best against kidney stone problems.

Remedy 3: Tulsi leaves or Basil leaves

Tulsi contains an essential mineral and fluid known to keep the kidney balanced. You should have tulis daily with tea and even add honey to it. So, it’s an effective option that works against the kidney stone problem. Its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties makes a huge difference.

Remedy 4: Lemon juice with honey

The lemon juice with honey is effective for kidney health. You can add some salt to drink it easily. Both properties help break the stone and pass it through the urine. So, ensure that you get immediate medical attention to balance the situation.