4 common and natural means in Ayurveda to dissolve Gallstone


4 common and natural means in Ayurveda to dissolve Gallstone

  • July 28, 2022


Natural ways to break down Gallstone

A healthy liver is an important way to eliminate toxins from the body. Moreover, it even helps to process hormones, cholesterol and boost the rate of protein, glucose, and other essential nutrients in the body. The gallbladder is an essential means to help promote the health of other body parts. Although, if the gallbladder does not seem normal, you need to get the assistance of an Ayurvedic Doctor in Ludhiana to have an all-natural and effective approach.

In some cases, gallstones are formed that’s a solidified bile. Moreover, there are various causes behind the same, which leads to increased chances of having issues. In some cases, there’s likely to be an inflammatory reaction in the liver. And that’s why it’s essential that you get immediate care for Gallbladder Stone Ayurvedic Treatment in Ludhiana to prevent the situation from worsening.

Natural ingredients to dissolve Gallstone

Ingredient 1: Turmeric – magical yellow powder

Turmeric is found in every household. In Ayurveda, several benefits have been talked about Turmeric and its daily intake. Most importantly, the anti-inflammatory properties make a huge difference.

How to take Turmeric for Gallstone?

Take it with one cup of warm milk after a meal. Moreover, it’s known to boost digestion and liver health.

Ingredient 2: Aloe vera – Potent Green Stem

Aloe vera is another essential natural ingredient beneficial for overall health. For stone and gallbladder cleanse, the aloe vera intake makes a lot of difference.

How to take aloe vera for Gallstone?

You need to extract the gel from the aloe leaves and add some honey to have it easy. Moreover, its intake regularly makes a lot of difference to the overall health of gallstones.

Ingredient 3: Gokshura

Gokshura benefits in Ayurveda are endless. And it’s one such benefit for the health of gallstones. Gokshura and its bioactive elements work magically for Gallstone, kidney, and liver problems. You can take it in a churna form to help detoxify the gallbladder.

Ingredient 3: Kalonji – Black seeds works wonder

Kalonji (black cumin or nigella) has several health benefits. And one of them is for Gallstone because of its antioxidant properties.

How to use kalonji seeds for Gallstone?

If you cannot have kalonji seed, you must mix it with honey. It’s best when consumed with warm water and an empty stomach. This way, it does offer the body the necessary benefits and helps dissolve gallstones.

Ingredient 4: Black Pepper – More than a vital spice trade

Another magical yet fruitful natural ingredient is black pepper. The black pepper and its existence have greatly benefited the spice trade market. Intake of black pepper is known to provide benefits like:

  • Better digestion
  • Helps to balance cholesterol
  • Dispels gallstones

Please note!

Every patient’s condition varies from one another, so there’s a possibility that it might work in some cases. Even before you try any of these, always seek medical assistance from the Ayurvedic practitioner to know the right approach.



What Is Gallstones, How Does It Occur, Its Symptoms, And Treatment?

  • July 23, 2022


A gall bladder is basically a small abdominal organ that is present in your body. The formation of gallstone is one of the most common diseases of the biliary tract. The process that creates the gallstones is known as cholelithiasis.

People who are suffering from diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, genetic predisposition, and many more might also suffer from gallstones. You would generally notice when there is an inflammation in the wall of the gallbladder.

With the help of a Gallbladder Stone Ayurvedic Treatment in Punjab based on the root cause of diagnosis, you can treat the issues without any complication.

These stones might contain bile that has cholesterol as well as bilirubin in it. In some cases, gallstones do not even require treatment. But there are also some circumstances in which the patient feels specific symptoms, including nausea, intense abdominal aches, and many more. In such a situation, the Ayurvedic Doctor in Punjab would advise them to undergo surgical management.

What Are The Causes Of Gallstones?

The bile your body has is the leading cause of too much cholesterol. That is why the bile contains certain chemicals that help dissolve the amount of cholesterol your body excretes by your liver.

However, the liver removes more cholesterol from your body as compared to the bile. The extreme secretion of cholesterol might lead to the formation of crystals that can then convert into stones.

Apart from that, bile also contains a heavy amount of bilirubin. It is a chemical generated whenever your body breaks down the red blood cells.

Some of the common conditions that might lead your liver to form up too much bilirubin include biliary tract infections, blood disorders, liver cirrhosis, etc.

Ultimately the excessive amount of bilirubin can lead to the formation of gallstones in the body. In case you are unable to empty your gallbladder completely, then your bile might become very concentrated, which results in the formation of gallstones.

Other Reason For The Formation of Gallstones

There are many more other reasons for the gallstones apart from what we established above:

  1. By taking some hormone trade treatment.
  2. By consuming anti-conception medication pills for pregnancy or menopause issues.
  3. Being overweight or underweight can also lead to malfunction resulting in the creation of gallstones.
  4. Patients who have diabetes usually have high amounts of triglycerides- it is basically a blood fat whose outcome is gallstones.
  5. There is a malfunction in the gallbladder.

What Are The Symptoms Of Gallstones?

Let us now delve into the symptoms of the gallstones as it might help you indicate one for an early diagnosis and treatment.

Some of the most common symptoms that might warn you of gallstones include:

  1. Suffering from High fever
  2. Delicacy and swelling
  3. Vomiting
  4. Constipation
  5. Having Acid reflux and flatulence
  6. Nausea
  7. Experiencing Indigestion and stomach torment
  8. Retching and sickness
  9. Rapid pulse
  10. Heartburn
  11. Loose solid discharges
  12. Low hunger
  13. Jaundice (the eyes and skin gets yellowish in color)
  14. Rashes on the skin
  15. Foggy memory

I hope this might have helped you understand more about gallstones in detail.