Gut Health Guide: How to identify and improve the digestive system?

Digestive disorders

Gut Health Guide: How to identify and improve the digestive system?

  • May 25, 2022


Take care of your digestive system

Our gut is the powerhouse of good health, and when it’s in a good state, the body does feel right and healthy. As more cells are present in the spinal cord or peripheral nervous system, the git is a delicate system. It’s essential to follow mindful eating habits every single day. Otherwise, it’s easy for the digestive health to get under the influence. If your digestive health is not okay, or you notice difficulties, then schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Ayurvedic Doctor in Ludhiana.

 What are the signs your digestive health has problems?

Almost everyone at some point in their lives has digestive system disorders. With the digestive system the following signs are common:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

So, if there’s an imbalance in the body, then it’s easier for your digestive health to get compromised. Some of the common scenarios that you will encounter with an unhealthy gut are:

  • Going to the bathroom way too much
  • Noisy and painful stomach

Under all these given scenarios, you need to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner for a personalized Digestive Problems Ayurvedic Treatment Ludhiana. Just make sure that you inform the doctor about everything because hiding away anything won’t do any good to you.

 Ayurvedic tips for good eating habits

To improve your eating habits, here are some of the suggested tips mentioned in Ayurveda:

  • Eat only when you feel hungry
  • Make sure to keep at least a 3-hour gap between meals. This way, it gives the mealtime to digest.
  • Avoid excess intake of cold, wet, spicy, oily, and fried food

 How can I boost my digestive health?

If your gut is acting up lately, don’t bother yourself by taking supplements or powder. Ayurveda offers an all-natural and effective way to better your digestive health. Here some of the dietary habits are suggested to help boost gut health:

  • Overnight oats

Oatmeal is one of the nutritious meals to keep you full for a long time. Intake of oatmeal reduces bloating and digestive issues. Better opt for gluten-free ones and add some bananas into them.

  • Milkshake-replacing smoothie

Another great choice is a fruity smoothie drink that allows boosting digestive function. To make your smoothie, you need:

    • Blueberries
    • Citrus fruits
    • Bananas
    • And any other seasonal fruit of your own choice


  • Pineapple salsa and grilled chicken

To add the right amount of protein, have chicken into your diet. Another option is pineapple salsa to boost your digestive health.

Other effective food options are sauteed dandelion greens, bone broth, and vegetable soups. When you consider what you put into your stomach, your digestive health automatically benefits. 

Boost your gut knowledge through simple Ayurvedic practices

Tip 1: Eat as per your dosha or body type

Tip 2: Make your diet plan as per the season

Tip 3: Eat local and fresh fruits & vegetables

Tip 4: Make yourself aware of what you eat and cook

Tip 5: Observe what you feel after you eat

DiarrhoeaDigestive disorders

Ayurvedic Medication, Herbal Treatment, And Remedies For Diarrhea

  • April 14, 2022


Diarrhea, also known as atisara in Ayurveda, is basically a disease that directly affects the body’s digestive system. It is characterized by the urgent and continuous passage of poorly formed stools. The common reasons for diarrhea to hit you are indigestion or microbial infection. Apart from that, psychological elements such as guilt and fear might also be responsible for diarrhea. The food and ma (toxins) which are undigested are the real cause of the accumulation in the stomach that causes the violation in one of all the doshas in the body. Diarrhea can also be responsible for involving the passage of blood visa stools.

With the help of Ayurvedic Doctor Ludhiana, you can easily learn about the real cause that is leading to diarrhea and how it can be treated. 

Why Choose Ayurveda For Diarrhea?

Unlike any other treatment, Ayurveda focuses on removing the problem from its root. It aims to cure by completely eradicating the ama and also the vitiated doshas. Formulas made from herbs and other natural ingredients are used in treating diarrhea. Some of the herbs include deepana, which increases hunger, and pachana, which helps in digestion components in them. All these properties help restore the digestion level.

Before the doctor in an Ayurvedic clinic in Ludhiana recommends any medicines for the treatment, they provide an ayurvedic herb which is known as haritaki (chebulic myrobalan), as it helps in removing the ama.

Some other herbs, such as virechana (purgation) and Basti (enema) is also suggested as they are the therapies of panchakarma (five treatments) if you have diarrhea. If you wanted to eliminate toxins from the body completely, it would be wise to take basti. 

What Are The Ayurvedic Treatments For Diarrhea?

Ayurvedic medications which help in treating diarrhea mainly consist of nidana parivarjana and shamana chikitsa, which is basically a pacification treatment. They also include pachana, langhana, deepana (hunger increasing), and stambhana (stops diarrhea). When your doshas are in excess or, in some cases, the toxins are accumulated, then Shodhana (purification) treatment that involves virechana and basti is highly recommended.

 What Are The Ayurveda Herbs Used In Medication?

  • Haritaki
  • To treat the condition of diarrhea, the powered ring of the haritaki fruit is used. They are also very beneficial in treating other digestive problems.
  • If you have diarrhea, the doctor gives you haritaki to induce purgation as it helps in removing all the ama that is accumulated in the body.
  • You can take haritaki in the form of churna (powder) or decoction too.
  • It also helps improve the gastric-emptying time and takes a protective action on the gastric mucosa.
  • They are also very beneficial in rakta atisara. It is basically diarrhea with blood. You can ingest it with honey or milk as it stops the hemorrhage of the blood vessels.

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