Ayurvedic Treatment For Your Hormonal Changes During Menopause

Ayurvedic Treatment For Menopause
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Ayurvedic Treatment For Your Hormonal Changes During Menopause

  • March 23, 2022


Menopause is one of the cycles of women’s lives that they have to face. Lack of education could create a lot of complications, especially when it is regarding a change in the body. Menopause is not a disease; it is a phenomenon that each woman has to undergo. It is basically a transitional phase that occurs at the time of reproductive and non-reproductive

The changes of the body that a woman notices affect their physical attributes to their mental health. Each factor gets impacted by this hormonal change. It also changes their sexual life to a certain extent.

After they complete their reproductive phase, women notice a decrease in estrogen secretion, which results in a lot of growth of the endometrial lining, which ultimately causes the reduction of flow.

This leads to the phase where the women observe more missed periods as the cycles tend to go longer. They, on some occasions, also notice episodes of spotting. You can declare that you have hot menopause only if you did not have periods straight for one year. Then at that time, Ayurvedic Doctor Ludhiana might assume that you have hit menopause. This transition brings ahead a lot of changes that have various symptoms. Some of those signs and symptoms include 

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Menopause?

Vasomotor Symptoms

  • Hot flush accompanied with palpitation and tachycardia.

The 1st symptom that you would notice is a hot flush. You would feel the intense heat on your face and trunks in this. Almost 80 percent of the women suffer from this sign. A hiked pulsatile release of gonadotropin hormone friom the hypothalamus activates the hot flushes in the body. It is achieved as it affects the adjacent temperature, which in retrospect regulates the area of the brain. 

Genital and urinary symptoms

  • Vaginal atrophy

The thinning of the vaginal mucosa is caused because of decrease in estrogen secretion. It is a gradual transition. Apart from that, reducing vaginal lubrication can also lead to painful sexual activity or intercourse, also known as dyspareunia. 

  • Increased urinary frequency:

 another symptom seen in this is the urgency to pee more often and more frequently. Most women find it discomforting that the need to urinate increases. 

  • Pyschologiacl chahnges
  1. Headache
  2. Anxiety
  3. Irritability
  4. Insomnia
  5. Worry about age and self
  6. Decreased optimism
  7. Fluctuating mood
  8. Loneliness
  9. Depression
  10. Fear of loss of youth
  11. Fear of losing beauty and feminine features.
  12. Memory deficit 

Ayurveda And Menopause Treatment

Ayurveda is the right path to choose to treat your symptoms at the time of menopause at the Ayurvedic clinic in Ludhiana; there might be a lot of confusion and less knowledge. With Ayurveda, you would be able to treat without fearing the side effects. Unline any conventional method, Ayurveda world with herbal which leaves no side effects behind. As menopause is a condition that significantly affects the hormonal balance of a woman, it is necessary to find a solution that would not further ignite it. We bring ahead great therapy that would work magnificently. 

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