Ayurveda Guide: 5 natural methods that work for gallstones

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Gallbladder Stone

Ayurveda Guide: 5 natural methods that work for gallstones

  • July 4, 2022


Have you been searching for natural ways for gallstones? Indeed! That’s a great choice. Considering the prevalence rate of gallbladder stones, the natural ways to deal with the situation make it appropriate. As more and more people get fascinated with natural ways of treating health issues, people are choosing Gallbladder Stone Ayurvedic Treatment in Punjab to get effective and safer options.

When you consult the Ayurvedic doctor in Ludhiana, he will diagnose your condition thoroughly and guide you towards the most appropriate treatment plan and natural ways to deal with the situation.

Effective Natural Methods for gallbladder stones:

Method 1: Gallbladder cleanse

One of the effective methods is Gallbladder cleanse, which allows the gallstones to break down and flush out from the body. You need to visit the ayurvedic clinic in Ludhiana to understand if this choice is worth it for your present condition.

Please note!

We don’t claim that these procedures effectively work for everyone. The given information is just for awareness about the present options. And we suggest you consult the medical expert before making any final decision. Only the medical expert knows what’s best for you.

Method 2: Apple cider vinegar and apple juice

Both the options combined leave a good effect on softening gallstones and help them to have an easy entry from the body. No doubt, there’s very little evidence on the same. Apart from that, both of the options separately show effective health benefits.

Method 3: Dandelion

Dandelions have a great historical value for treating gallbladder, bile duct, and liver problems. Moreover, it helps with bile production. The intake of dandelion coffee and tea can help individuals. Although, there’s no scientific evidence. Make sure to talk to the doctor about whether you need to take it or not.

Method 4: Castor oil pack

The castor oil pack has great effectiveness in terms of naturopaths and helps to work against several health issues. The castor oil pack application works best when you soak a cloth in warm castor oil and keep it on the abdomen. Cover the same with a towel so that the heat effectively counters the problem. You can also keep the heating pad or hot water bottle.

Method 5: Yoga

Yoga poses work best against gallstones. Not just gallstones, but it helps the overall health to be in a better state. Some of the yoga poses that are beneficial for individuals with gallstones are:

  • Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
  • Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
  • Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand)
  • Shalabhasana (Locust Pose)
  • Pachimotasana (Seated forward bend)

Some patients even have relief from the symptoms with acupuncture to improve the pain and help them live a normal working life.

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Before you try out any of these options, you need to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner to help your entire situation reach a manageable state. If there’s any doubt on your mind, then make sure to consult the Ayurvedic doctor immediately.