5 Magical Ayurvedic Herbs – For Curing The Reproductive Problems

5 Magical Herbs To Enhance Reproductive Functioning
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5 Magical Ayurvedic Herbs – For Curing The Reproductive Problems

  • September 20, 2021


“80% of the women are succumbed to reproductive issues, these days” – Says Ayurvedic Doctor In Punjab. Some of them show faith in the medical treatments in the first place while others in the home treatments. Eventually, they all visit the Ayurvedic Clinic In Ludhiana.

The ayurvedic practitioners always suggest women’s reproductive capability enhancing medications which are made from the following magical herbs, as per ayurvedic guidelines.

Aloe – The Green Elixir

Dr Vatsyayan suggests all the women out there regularly consume aloe vera in some form. There are juices and tonics available. It is considered a boon for women since no herb other than aloe vera can rejuvenate the uterus in a conception-enhancing way. Aloe Vera is the solution to every reproductive problem.

Did you know?

Today, women of each group are facing some kind and distinctive intensity containing menstrual problems. Aloe vera will be best to provide you relief in this regard.

Lodhra -warrior That Battles Against Infertility

This ayurvedic herb is full of anti-androgenic effects. It not only prevents cell dysfunction in PCOS but is regarded as one of the best properties-containing herbs that beat infertility problems.

How Does It Cure Pcos?

This herb is accountable for keeping testosterone levels in control since its elevation is the predominant cause of PCOS.

Ashoka – The Bodyguard of Endometrium

Sometimes, the intense levels of the inflammations are responsible for damaging the endometrium. Saraca Indica (ASHOKA) helps to repair it. Its predominant benefit is -It is capable of regulating estrogen levels.

If it is regularly intaken ( with the prescription of the ayurvedic practitioner), then it will never let the urinary tract suffer from any kind of bacterial and fungal infections.

Black Musli – Barrier For Excessive White Discharge

The white discharge problem has become extremely common these days. It is best suited for vaginal infection-related problems.

Patranga – The Pain Reliever

Although women are strong enough to bear the pain equivalent to 20 bones fractured at the same time while giving birth to the baby. But she is also human. To bear pain each time is not a realistic expectation to have from women. She might find it difficult to bear the following conditions and thus may need some pain reliever. But when we are talking about the medical OTC pain relievers, then we know some side effects will be associated with them. But ayurvedic medications like Patrnaga are compassionate enough, making you treat them by not getting bothered anymore.

Final Comments!

All these herbs are called magical herbs. No doubt, the pace at which they show effect is slow, but their eventual effect is always long-lasting. If you have relied on the ayurvedic treatment, then make sure to be patient enough since every good thing takes time.

Also, please do not consume any of these herbs in the raw or medicate form without consulting the doctors. Dr Vatsyayan says, the reproductive capabilities of every woman is different and the dosage should be prescribed accordingly.