What is the Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney failure?


What is the Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney failure?

  • August 1, 2020


Ayurvedic therapy is budget-friendly for kidney failure. Sanjivani’s popularity in Ayurveda is well known. The Sanjivani Ayurveda therapeutic kidney treatment kit is in the number one rating if we think about other renal failure conditions.
Renal failure is caused for many causes. What’s renal failure? Overconsumption of alcohol, long-term use of medications, lesions, and more are caused by kidney failure. A delay in urinary outflow is the most common result of kidney failure. Renal dysfunction is associated with a number of stages. The phases may differ according to the disease’s chronicity and severity. Several diseases in the urinary tract also approach kidney failure causes.
Our kidney is composed of blood and fat muscle, according to Ayurveda. It may also influence the function of the kidney. The condition of Diabetes has been noticed by many of us. Blood-related diseases are one of the most prevalent diseases. Diabetes, like renal dysfunction, may also be a source of renal complications.

Sanjivani Ayurveda’s special kidney failure treatment:

Sanjivani Ayurveda respects the source of the treatment. Blockages are the causes of renal failure. Such blockages avoid water, other fluids, and urinary waste. The disrupted liquid movement continues to cause difficulties with the remaining functions due to which the patient suffers distress.

Our Ayurvedic clinic is well-known for quality ayurvedic herbs that have the ability to treat chronic kidney problems. Our herbs include-:

  • Nagkesar and Muesli
  • Punarnava
  • Daruharidra

 This package’s secondary function consists of repairing the kidney. This facilitates the re-storage of kidney energy.