What Ayurvedic treatment principles are followed for Autoimmune disorder?

What Ayurvedic treatment principles are followed for Autoimmune disorder?
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What Ayurvedic treatment principles are followed for Autoimmune disorder?

  • February 15, 2021


What is meant by autoimmune disorder?

An autoimmune disorder is a group of conditions that start attacking the immune system, instead of protecting it. The human body is known to identify and deal with outside threats. As per Ayurveda, there is smriti which is referred to as the subconscious cellular memory. If smriti is not in balance then it attacks the healthy cells. Your Ayurvedic doctor in Punjab will determine a treatment approach for you which will restore the body balance and increase body immunity. Make sure that you consult the doctor without delaying a single moment. Timely Autoimmune Disorder Ayurvedic Treatment In Ludhiana is likely to improve your condition for the better. The treatment is made in a way that will work best for your overall condition.

Do you know?

Different studies and research have pin down that autoimmune disorders are between 80 and 100.

Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

Although, there is no established cure for autoimmune diseases. Mainly the issue occurs due to the hyperactive immune system in the body so it is important to treat the issue occurring in the immune system. The doctor will suggest you the treatment along with some medications depending on what type of autoimmune disease you are diagnosed with.

Is there any way to prevent autoimmune diseases?

Autoimmune disorders are due to excessive inflammation. In the first place, you need to avoid all those things which occur due to excessive inflammation. So, make sure that you eat the right way.

Your diet needs to be full of plant-based, whole food, and all the essential antioxidants & vitamins which helps the immune system to be correct. Your diet needs to have all the essential veggies like onions, carrots, leafy greens, and many more. Apart from that includes seasonal fruits. Avoid the intake of refined grains, refined sugar, red meat, high-fat dairy products, and refined oils.

Treatment principles to treat autoimmune diseases

  • Correct your diet

Your well-being largely depends on what food you eat. It is essential to consider the time and appetite so that your digestive tract functions correctly. So, the Ayurvedic expert is going to treat the autoimmune diseases by suggesting you correct your diet.

  • Lifestyle modifications

You need to live an active lifestyle. If you don’t do that it will lead to various health issues and reduce your metabolism. Physical activities are also called karmaja Bala & if you do not do it the right way the immune system decreases.

  • Psychological changes

When you are in a happier state the immunity is increased and with that, there is release in the hormones. Studies have shown that if the person is happy they can fight against the different ailments.

  • Medications

As per Ayurveda, certain medications will boost immunity. Bear in mind, that medications are going to work only when you follow the right diet, take the medications on time, and make your lifestyle choices correct.

  • Purifying the body

Through the panchakarma treatment, the effect of the factors is reduced which impacts the immunity. The toxins levels are reduced & you will be at ease.