Indigestion: Its Causes, Home Remedies, And Treatment From Ayurveda

Indigestion And Its Ayurvedic Cure
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Indigestion: Its Causes, Home Remedies, And Treatment From Ayurveda

  • April 12, 2022


The word indigestion is used to describe the discomfort one feels in their stomach after food consumption. Some signs that indicate indigestion are bloating, nausea, fullness, heartburn, and many others.

 Understanding The Process Of Digestion

Before we delve into the topic of indigestion, it is necessary for us to gather information about digestion and its process. The explanation of digestion given by Ayurvedic Doctor Ludhiana is very simple and effective. According to the approach of Ayurveda, the food that we consume is digested by body fire, also known as Agni, which is there in our body. The concept is similar to the way we prepare food. Just like the fire in the stove helps to cook the food items, the fire of Agni in our body helps us digest the food. The Jatara, or the upper part of the digestive system, is where the Agni is located and is denoted as Jataragni. The Agni is then further categorized as:


  • Dhatwagni: It is an Agni that is there in the tissues to help them soak up the needed nutrients. 
  • Bhootgani: it helps digest the five Pancha mahabhuta elements present in the food items. 
  • Malagni: it is an Agni that helps in the formation of the wastes in the body like sweats, urine, and stools.

The control of all these Agni: bhootagni, dhatwagni, and malagni is done by the Jataragni. Through this process it is also evident that the approach of Ayurveda to digestion explains cellular metabolism.


What Are The Causes Of Imbalances Of Agni Which Leads To Indigestion?

Given below are some of the causes that imbalance the Agni leading to indigestion. If you want to maintain a healthy digestive system, it is necessary to avoid such things. For more details, visit an Ayurvedic clinic in Ludhiana. 

  • There are chilly, spicy food items, oily food, medicines, milk-based products, milk, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • Having irregular and bad sleeping patterns and eating habits.
  • Consuming medication such as antibiotics, pain relievers, steroids, and oral contraceptives.
  • If you have intestinal parasites
  • Diseases of liver, pancreas, gallbladder, intestinal infections, and many more.
  • At the time of pregnancy, a menopausal period in women and a premenstrual period.
  • If you suffer from anxiety, stress, family tension, examination tension, depression, and are emotionally upset. 

What Are The Home Remedies Of Indigestion?

Given below are some home remedies you can try to get rid of indigestion if it is a common occurrence; we highly recommend you to visit us for ayurvedic treatment.

  • To normalize the imbalance of Agni in the body and digest ama, fasting entirely for a whole day is beneficial.
  • You can also improve agni by consuming boiled vegetables, liquid foods, or fruit juices for at least 2-3 days as it relieves indigestion.
  • Avoid the factors which have been written above that cause indigestion.
  • You can try out this homemade remedy: mix a half teaspoon of ginger juice with half a teaspoon of lemon juice, add a pinch of salt to a cup of water and drink it thrice a day.
  • To increase Agni and digest ama, you should drink half a glass of warm water once every two hours.