How is Ayurvedic treatment best suited to deal with chronic illness?


How is Ayurvedic treatment best suited to deal with chronic illness?

  • November 2, 2021


Ayurveda is a science that has its origin in India and it has been practiced for many years. Your mind, body, and spirit are going to be in the best state when you consider the Ayurvedic treatment plan. To get the customized solution for your health, you need to consult the best Ayurvedic Doctor Punjab: Dr. R Vatsyayan. Holistic healing is the best way to address chronic health issues like diabetes, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, or COPD. Getting treatment from the best Ayurvedic clinic in Ludhiana, your health will get better and it brings a wave of leading a healthy lifestyle and choosing the right kind of practices.

Ayurvedic approach for chronic illnesses

As per Ayurveda, the chronic condition should be taught properly and by doing so the body is balanced in the right manner. Depending on the doshas the body will be balanced and this way the illness is prevented.

  • With chronic health issues, the person often experiences being low on energy and feeling extremely exhausted. In medical terms, it is known as Ama. When it starts building up in the body the toxins are difficult to eliminate & if your lifestyle habits are not right, then it can create problems.
  • With Kapha dosha, the body will have excess mucus buildup which makes you feel heavy. When this happens the body energy will slow down & it will impact various organs in the body. With the practices offered by Ayurveda, the body functioning will get better.
  • With pitta dosha, irritation and heat are linked which can lead to inflammation in the body organs. Due to excess heat and energy, the body is impacted adversely.

Ayurveda practices to treat a chronic condition

  • Include the food items in your diet which help to maintain health and body. The Vata dosha is being balanced and the body movement will get normal whether it is heart rate or breathing. In addition, your body needs a lot of protein which helps it to be in a balanced state and the problem of depression, anxiety, or memory loss will be addressed.
  • The body needs oil that lubricates the joints and tissues. Especially patients diagnosed with arthritis are benefited.
  • The body and mind need to be relaxing for which you need to do yoga daily.

How is the Ayurvedic approach best suited to deal with chronic illness?

With Ayurveda, the focus is put on treating the problem from the root cause and the treatment will help the symptoms to go down. For several chronic health issues, Ayurveda has been the best choice for cardiovascular disease, reducing the cholesterol level, and lowering triglycerides. With Ayurvedic treatment, even the BMI gets to normal.

In case, the condition is chronic and it keeps on getting worse then it will take time. This is the reason, it is suggested to get the treatment at the right time.

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