What are the top Ayurvedic remedies to combat increasing heatwave?

Beat The Summer Heat With Ayurvedic Tips
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What are the top Ayurvedic remedies to combat increasing heatwave?

  • May 18, 2022


Let’s beat the heat with natural and safe Ayurvedic tips

Ayurveda practices are not just limited to transforming your well-being. But, it even gives you the way to take care of yourself depending on the weather change. At present, the hot spell of nature is increasing, and the temperature is around 49 degrees Celsius. There’s difficult for everyone even to step outside. 

As per Ayurveda, summer is the season of pitta, and therefore, it’s essential to keep the pitta dosha cool not to let the symptoms get to the point of extreme difficulty. If your body is struggling to balance itself, you need to transform yourself through the Ayurvedic Treatment in Punjab. 

Ayurvedic tips to keep your body cool against the high-summer

Some of the practical tips mentioned by our Ayurvedic Doctor in Ludhiana to help you deal with excruciating summer weather:

Tip 1: Incorporate pitta-pacifying food

Most importantly, keep the body cool to get it balanced from excessive heat. Include the following in your diet:






     Green veggies 

Tip 2: Don’t have food that produces heat

Avoid intake of food that increases heat in the body. You should limit carrots, beetroots, chili, tomato, garlic, and sour cream consumption. Have more salads and don’t have dark meat. 

Tip 3: Have your food on time

You have to eat your food on time not to trigger the digestive fire. Never miss out on having lunch as it affects the pitta dosha and increases irritation in the body. 

Tip 4: Coconut oil helps to cool off the body

Before you have a bath, rub coconut oil on the body as it allows you to have a calming state. Most importantly, the body gets cooled down and gives it a soothing effect. 

Tip 5: Limit intake of hot water and hot drinks

The summer heatwave gets down when you have a bath and include drinks that let your body cool down. To balance your pitta dosha, you should have cooling drinks at room temperature. 

Tip 6: Exercise is your great friend

It would help if you exercised in the morning as it is an essential part of your healthy living and lifestyle. Do exercise in the morning as the temperature is less as you can do exercise easily. 

Tip 7: Gulkand gives a cooling effect

Gulkand is a wonder ingredient as per Ayurveda and has all the cooling properties. Moreover, gulkand helps the body deal with tiredness, exhaustion, and lethargy. The body gets rejuvenated, and even if someone has a stomach problem, even that get’s addressed. 

Tip 8: Use cooling oils

Under cooling oils, there’s an option of jasmine, khus, and sandalwood. Whether it is aroma or you talk about the properties, everything is perfect. 

Tip 9: Don’t drink ice-cold water

Do you drink water loaded with ice? It might give you relief at that time, but the after-effect is troublesome. Better drink water from a clay pot as it naturally keeps the water cool. 

Beat the scorching heat through Ayurveda


Those mentioned above are easy peasy steps you need in your life.